Spices & Salts

Spices by Rinama

Seasoned salts

The all-rounders in every kitchen!
Whether in the glass cylinder, in the greeting card or in the shots, our colourful and distinctive spice salts always make for an eye-catcher!

Seasoning preperations

Pure nature!
Without any flavour enhancers or additives, our various spice preparations add a spicy note to all dishes.
Whether it’s fish, meat, vegetables or salad, we have something for every gourmet.

Spice blends

It also works without salt!
Discover our wide range of salt-free spice blends. From Italian herb mix to Indian curry, our blends will enhance your favourite dishes.

Dips & pestos

Homemade tastes best!
With our various dip and pesto mixes, you can make homemade sweet chilli dip and summer bruschetta in no time at all.

You can get our spice blends in many different packaging

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